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About Us

Ogba Zoo and Nature Park is an extensive multi-purpose recreational centre of Urban Park with a Biological Garden and tourist resort development.

The Zoo retains the essential features of a typical tropical Guinea Lowland forest regime in an urban setting.

The park is a center for education and scientific research. It was originally a botanical garden with Arboretum before a Zoological Garden was added in 1971, thus retaining the features of a nature park in an urban setting.

Ogba Zoo (for short) is owned by Edo State Government, Ministry of Environment, now under Management (PPP).


Some Animals found in the zoo are :
Majestic lions, various species of primates like chimpanzee, baboons and monkeys; Equines, Waterfowls, Cranes, Stocks, peafowls, ostriches etc. There are also different species of Reptiles like the Nile crocodiles, Rock Pythons, as well as giant rodents like the Crested Porcupines.

Some flora found in the zoo include:
The Iroko, Mahogany Sp, White Afara, Black Afara, Teak, Neem as well as many other important hard wood and ornamental tree species.


The zoo has an Administrative block housing offices, a Vet Clinic and a Natural History Museum. There are about seven gazebos / pavilions, alongside three function halls and two restaurants with bars.
The zoo has 12 public toilets and some with showers. There are children’s play grounds, amusement parks, as well as a sport facilities, including paint ball and a football pitch.


There are Education Officers for specialised tours and general tour guides in
the zoo. The Zoo is therefore popular for school excusions , field practical training in the Biological sciences, scientific research and various social events. There is a stream with wetlands that adds beauty to the environment. The Zoo thus provides a serene environment for retreats and fitness walks, with jungle trails. Eco lodges with cultural galleries are some developments in the works.



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